crew picWe are Steve and Brandy from Orlando, Florida.  We met in 2010 and have been sailing through amazing experiences together ever since.  Steve’s earliest memory was being pushed off a dock by his brother into the nearly freezing waters of Southern Michigan.  (His brother still defends his innocence)  He was five years old.   That was the day his father launched their new Bristol 22 sailboat into Lake Erie.  Sailing and a dislike of cold water has been in his blood ever since.   Brandy never sailed before meeting Steve, but she loves to learn and be helpful, so her sailing skills grew quickly to become the perfect first mate.
We currently cruise the coasts, lakes and rivers of Florida from our trailerable sailboat.  Florida has amazing variety of cruising options and keeping our boat on the trailer allows us to access any of them in a matter of a few hours.   Ever cruise your sailboat at 60MPH?  We do it all the time!

Our son Christian and our dog Ellie also occasionally crew with us, but they are both very busy, Christian with whatever teenagers do and Ellie with lots of snoozing and chasing squirrels.  They both love the boat when they can fit it in their schedules and we have had great family trips.

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We are working on a plan to permanently cast off the lines and leave the horizon behind.  Where to?  Who knows.  We love seeing new places and meeting new people, so the plans will form as we go.  You can read all about our boat story here…


The Sailing Rode / The Sailing Road