The Sailing Rode is about local cruising adventures that help build our skills as we work toward the day that we can permanently cast off the lines and sail over the horizon.  We will share the lessons we learn, the products we find to make cruising easier, and all our cruising adventures.  We hope others will share their cruising experiences  and we will share them on the site.

What is with spelling road wrong?  For those new to sailing or boating.  Rode is a nautical term for the anchor line, typically made of chain or nylon line or a combination of both.  The rode is an extremely important piece of equipment on our boat as it is our secure lifeline when we anchor and we need to trust it to keep our boat in one place and away from solid objects.

anchor rode

We are trailer sailors, so the land road is also part of all our sailing trips.  We can cover a lot of ground cruising the boat down the highway at 60mph!   In case anyone forgets the nautical term, we also own domain.  Either address will get you to this site.  You can read all about our crew here…


The Sailing Rode / The Sailing Road