010 The Sailing Rode Podcast – Ken & Carol Gillstrom – Voyageur Sailing – Part 2

Voyageur Sailing Adventures 2016 Itinerary

Show Notes

In this Episode of the podcast, we feature Part 2 of our interview Ken & Carol Gillstrom from Voyageur Sailing Adventures.  We talk about their adventure sail training programs and some of their personal cruising experiences including a harrowing story about losing their rudder hundreds of miles offshore.. We cover the sailing news and our product of the week is a energy efficient fan that will keep the air moving in your cabin.
Intro Chat


Check out Ken and Carol’s website for all the info on their boat and their adventure sail training.   Voyageur Adventure Sail Training

Sailing News

Product of The Week : Caframo 747 Fan  $49 on Amazon

fanThis fan moves a lot of air and makes the boat a lot more comfortable.  It is very durable and has low power consumption.   We recommend you also buy the $11 clamp for easier attachment.  You can buy both through our Amazon links.


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