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Our Latest Motivation

Every day Brandy and I talk about our plans to buy a bigger boat and permanently sail over the horizon to far off adventures.  Sometimes it seems so far away, it’s hard stay motivated and take the steps  needed to achieve our dream.  We keep motivated through our local sailing adventures and following other cruising sailor’s blogs and YouTube channels.  We watched a video last week that really got us motivated.  Rick Moore is the videographer.  He lives full time on his 50 ft Jeanneau Sailboat “Sophisticated Lady” in the Caribbean.  Rick produces beautiful HD videos of life in the islands and also produces great commercial video products for clients.  Check out his YouTube channel for a great virtual vacation, and don’t miss the videos of his charming parrot Lucky.  If you are interested in making your own seaside videos, Rick sells the same Mariner waterproof drone he uses.  Just visit his website at http://www.ambientreallife.com and for commercial videos visit http://www.landandseavideo.com

All his videos are great, but this one really got us motivated.  It even has a cameo by Sir Richard Branson.  Thanks, Rick!  Some days we need a kick in the pants.