033 Hurricane Irma

In this episode we talk about our experience during hurricane Irma.  The remnants of the eye went right over our house around 2:30am on 9/11/17.

The British Virgin Islands were hit hard by the hurricane and they need your help.  We donated to a fund started by Scott and Brittney Meyers from the Windtraveler blog.  Every dollar raised goes to help the local community.   Please give something, even small amounts help.  https://www.youcaring.com/bviimmediaterelief-943806

Scott and Brittney along with their friends and co-business partners Peter and Jody from the Where the Coconuts Grow blog, lost their boat homes and the catamarans the owned for their day charter business in the BVI.   Please take a moment to send them a message of support on their blogs or Facebook.  They are providing great support to the BVI community in the midst of them losing everything they own.

We were lucky not to have any damage to our home or the boat.  Here are some pictures of the aftermath.

Featured Producs

We used a lot of products from the boat to help us during the hurricane.  Being a cruising sailor really helps prepare you for living off the grid!  Here are the products that helped us.

Headlamp (Batttery-Cheap)

Headlamp (Rechargable)

Breathable Rain Jacket

Honda EU2000i Generator

LED Worklights

Stanley Spotlight

Coleman Solar Shower

Coleman Camp Stove

5000BTU Air Conditioner

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Thanks for listening and all your support!  We wish you fair winds and hope to see you on the water soon.

–  Steve & Brandy

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