Our new Sailing Podcast about Local and Global Cruising

After releasing our new sailing podcast and posting it on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  We started to hear from friends that they had no idea what a podcast was or how to listen to a Podcast.  So I thought a quick post about podcasting would help.

Podcasts are essentially online radio shows.  Ours is sailing podcast about local and global cruising in sailboats.  We discuss our experiences as we grow our knowledge of sailing and cruising.  Our show is prerecorded so you can listen anytime.  It is great for making your commutes, workouts, or home chores fly by.

The easiest way to listen is via a smartphone.  If you have an iPhone, it already has a podcast application downloaded.  Just look for the purple button that says podcast.  Click here to go directly to our show. Once in the app, you can search for our podcast by hitting the magnifying glass at the bottom and typing The Sailing Rode.  Once you are on our podcast page, you can hit the subscribe button and anytime we load a new podcast it will show an indicator on the iPhone podcast button.

If you have an Android you can use the Stitcher application in the same fashion.  Click here to access on Stitcher.

If you like sailing there are several other great sailing podcasts available on iTunes,  a search on the word sailing will find them all.  I really enjoy listening to 59º North, The Sailing Podcast, Sail Loot and Sailing the Mediterranean.

You can also listen to all the shows directly on our website at TheSailingRode.com/podcasts

We hope you enjoy our sailing podcast and would love to hear from our listeners.  You can email us at Crew@TheSailingRode.com

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