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Be Thankful for Your Steering

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Today is the American Thanksgiving holiday, a day when we often reflect on what we are thankful for in our lives.  I am personally very thankful to have Brandy in my life to share in our boating adventures.  I was also thinking about how thankful boaters are when their boats are in working order and how disappointing it can be when they break down.

On our last podcast Ken & Carol Gillstrom told us the story of them losing their steering hundreds of miles offshore and how they made it back to port safely.  The story prompted me to investigate various methods that can be used to restore steering if you primary steering is lost.

I found some great info on sailors that have tested various methods.  It looks like using a drogue is

Ponce Inlet – Sailing Trip Report


UPDATE: We did a TSR Podcast about this trip.  Click here to listen.

We rarely plan the location of our sailing trips more than a few days in advance as this allows us to adjust between various Florida cruising grounds depending on the weather. On this trip, we did not have an option as we planned to attend a work picnic for one of Brandy’s contracting agencies.  When we learned they were planning to have their party at New Smyrna Dunes Park, the first thing that popped into our mind is